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At Calming Souls Massage we believe that massage is more than a moment for you to relax, it is a moment for you to connect with your body and listen to what it has to say.

Meet your Therapist

Kisiah Cole, veteran and Cincinnati, OH native, has been practicing massage for over 3 years. As a graduate of Cincinnati School of Medical Massage she founded Calming Souls Massage LLC in 2018. What started off as a side job became her heart. As the lead therapist of the business, she’s worked with every body type, from marathon runners, NFL players, doctors to your everyday mom. Her passion and specialty is working with Pro Athletes. She is Sport Stretch certified and has worked with players for the San Francisco 49ers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts and more. She’s a firm believer in meeting her clients where they are. Traveling for a client is no foreign concept for her, as that comes with the territory for most of her NFL clients and high profile clientele. In addition to the required hours of schooling needed to become licensed and practice massage, she’s taken over 65+ hours of continuing education. Her passion is helping people heal, and teaching them ways to help their body be its best. She’s taken that passion to the next level and wrote a book called Let’s Heal, an easy to follow guidebook filled with self care practices to take care of your body from home. Creating innovative ways to help her clients is top priority.  

What are clients saying about Calming Souls Massage?

  • I've gotten a lot of massages but none of them have ever been as great as the one that received from Kisiah. She's educated and knows what she's doing when you're on her table. I can't wait to go back for my next session.
    - Samantha J
  • Longtime client for sure. Never have I felt the knots in my body actually release until today. It's like she just knew where they were. I had frozen shoulder prior to my first session with her. I could barely raise my arm over my head, now I can move with no pain. I'm so happy I found her.
    - Kristina C.
  • I got my first massage from Kisiah and she released tension in places that I didn't even know I had. I was super nervous about receiving my first massage but she made me feel at ease and completely comfortable the entire time.
    - Kevin M.
  • If you're looking for an educated and gifted therapist who makes sure your needs are met..... BOOK HER NOW! I really appreciated the knowledge she had to share and I didn't feel like just another body on the table or like I was getting basic treatment. She really took care of me.
    - Monica W.

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    Get Kisiah Cole’s book


    Are you ready to learn how to tackle your body pain from home? Are you overwhelmed with all of the information coming from every angle about what to do to ease your pain? In this easy to digest book I’ve listed simple yet effective self care practices that you can implement everyday to address those issues. I’m confident this book will help you improve your self care routine. Let me help you heal